Our Architectural Philosophies


inBungalows are products of our efforts towards creating an architecture that is relevant to modern tropical lifestyle. We believe that building and environment should be in perfect harmony physically and spiritually, therefore in our designs, we thoughtfully consider:


• what is the feel of space by the occupants ?
• what value must be observed in order to produce beauty ?
• what basic practical needs the design must serve ?
• how spaces should be planned for better human movement, higher privacy and easier furniture arrangements ?

• where openings should be located to give maximum air movement and best view out while restricting the penetration of direct sunlight and rain water ?
• how daylight should be introduced to create a pleasant atmosphere by its natural charm & etc.


By the careful application of the above criteria in our designs, in fact, we may have imposed the main principle of ‘feng shui’ that ” the feel of a place, good or bad, is always determined by the level of control of ‘chi’ (vital energies) “, of which we define it mainly as the control of human movement, air circulation and daylight intake from the architectural points of view.


Meanwhile, the principle of good balance between two elements such as functionality vs. aesthetic, interior spaces vs. exterior form, structure vs. garden, light vs. heat, air vs. rain, artificial devices vs. natural climatic conditions, and even built-up area vs. construction cost has also been adopted by our design team in the process of making your house a dream home.


” Inside out, outside in. “
In our designs, there is no clear boarder between internal and external spaces. For instance, a patio can be used as a living space, whereas a living hall or dining room can be part of garden, etc., hence enabling better control of human movement, air circulation and daylight intake—-tropical lifestyle

” Design is a product of modifications. “
With the availability of our in house team, modification or fine tuning of design is always possible prior to real construction, thus wastage of time and money on rectification or amendment works can be substantially reduced—-project efficiency

” A house is a machine for living in. “
In our bungalows, every building element serves its function without having to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics—- practicality

” Less is more. “
We believe that a good design should be a humble aesthetic expression of form and function. Thus, good design is not necessarily costly and a costly design is not necessarily good—- cost effective design


Currently, the only available bungalow for you to grab will be at:-
- Subang Heights